Skyrim TBS

As part of a university assignment, we were instructed to create a mod for Skyrim, consisting of a quest, an environment (a dungeon), and custom gameplay (a minigame). In a group of 3, my part was to create the custom gameplay, for which I developed a turn based strategy system for Skyrim. Another group member created the dungeon. The quest was never completed because the third member quit university shortly after the beginning of semester. This download contains the gameplay and environment sections of the mod.

Note: As a student project it is somewhat incomplete and buggy, as we had a limited amount of time to complete this. It is therefore uploaded here for demonstration purposes only and I don't recommend adding this mod to your game for a regular playthough.

Use a Skyrim mod manager (like NMM or MO) to install the mod or alternatively install it manually by extracting the contents of the archive to the “Data” folder in your Skyrim installation directory. You also need to install SKSE for this mod to work correctly.

- To visit the dungeon go to “Svulgoth's Shrine” in whiterun hold. Click here to see the location on map.

- To go directly to the gameplay section, open up console by pressing “~” on the keyboard and type: “coc Payam_Test”. You will be standing in front of a practice dummy. Activate the practice dummy to begin the turn based strategy gameplay (Default key: “E”).

At the beginning of the game you will first choose a difficulty (this changes how complex the game will be, as in how many units each side will have) and then spend the “points” you have to buy or upgrade units. Click “add” to get new units, “Next” and “Previous” to cycle through them, “Upgrade” to upgrade one. You can also use the upgrade button to switch a unit's class from melee to archer and vice versa. The game will begin once you have spent all your points.

  • Mouse: Move camera
  • W,A,S,D: Move Curser
  • E: Select
  • R: Cancel Selection
  • Y: End Turn
  • Q: Quit Game
  • Z: Reset locations. (Press Z if you can't select a unit)

Important note: due to how AI is programmed in Skyrim, they might choose to walk out of their actual position. This might make you unable to select them since they are not in their correct location and you might not know where this correct location is. If this happened press “Z” to reset their location.

Mirror: MediaFire