Project Category: Games

  • Basket Game
    A catapult game written in c++ using the allegro library.
  • Constructible Shacks
    A Skyrim mod allowing you to build shacks anywhere you want.
  • To Be The Bride
    A story driven game about a lady soon to be married. Created using RPG Maker VX Ace.
  • Loot Later
    Skyrim mod allowing you to put part of your inventory in dropped sacks for later retrieval.
  • Island War
    A sandbox mission for Operation Flashpoint.
  • TDefense
    (WIP) - A Tower Defense game in Actionscript.

    Progress: Playable. Needs audio, graphics, and balancing.
    View progress blog posts.
  • Skyrim TBS
    (Student Project) - A turn base strategy minigame for Skyrim.
  • Wild Planet
    (Student Project) - A game design document of a shooter game with role playing and strategy elements.