To Be The Bride

“To be the bride” was the result of a collaborative effort in a game jam presented by our university in collaboration with the Eutechnyx game development company. The outline of the game jam was to develop a game that would put the player in a woman’s shoes.

Me and the other 3 people in the team gathered together and after some discussion, decided to develop a story-driven game about a wedding. The team accepted my suggestion to use the RPG Maker game engine to design a top down 2D game. I had very varied roles in developing this, some of which include coming up and discussing gameplay ideas, designing some of the levels, editing and writing some parts of the dialog, scripting the missions, editing some levels to make sure they work correctly with the mission scripts, audio editing and testing, finding related free assets on the internet and editing them to suit the game’s needs, and general testing to make sure the game works correctly.