About Me

The following is a short story about my life. If you were expecting a list of my skills and experience click here to view my resume.

I enjoyed expressing my creativity in my early years. I made weird “artworks” with papers and scissors, made comics (and had to tell someone what to write in the blanks because I couldn't write yet), and made board games (either making variations of the games I had, or making new original ones). I also enjoyed video games when I had a chance to play them on somebody else's PC or console, and I wanted to be an animator when I grew up.

I got my first gaming console in elementary school, a Sega Mega Drive. That was when I realized that these games essentially allowed me to create my very own animations by controlling what was going on on the screen. My previous interest in animation and the creative side of playing games made me very interested in them. Perhaps too interested.

By middle school I had my own PC, and that's when I started to mess around with the games I had. Age of Empires 2 and Empire Earth's scenario editors were my first experiments on games design, and that was followed by Operations Flashpoint's mission editor, and eventually Half-Life modding in highschool.

Half-Life didn't have built in editors like the previous games, the mapper was a separate tool that was somewhat difficult to learn (at least compared to the other built-in game editors) and if you wanted to make changes to gameplay you had to do some c++ programming. However I was so impressed by HL's wide catalog of mods that I was willing to learn anything it would take to make my own mod.

I started self-studying 3D modeling by following online tutorials, took programming classes, and made several maps for practice. But my progress was cut short before I could achieve my final goal of making my own mod. At the latter years of highschool I had to focus on my country's nationwide university entrance exam, something my parent took very seriously, and I wasn't allowed to use computers for a couple of years.

My early adult years, I guess could be said were wasted on trying to fit somewhere I didn't belong. I abandoned my passion of making games because I had thought it to be just a hobby and believed that now I had “serious adult stuff” to do. However adult life turned out to be quite different than what I had imagined. It turned out to be mostly more of the same, only with the element of luck suddenly taking a much more important role now that I wasn't protected by school's structured system.

At some point, I decided to stop. I realized that life is too short to spend it on things I didn't care about, and if I'm putting my efforts into something, it may as well be something I enjoy. I started taking a game design course in UK, and have started to make my own games. I have big plans for future, but for now you can check out my projects page to see some of the stuff I've done so far.

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